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How to prep your bike for CSBK’s Lightweight Sport Bike

CSBK’s new Lightweight Sport Bike series is almost underway, and judging by the turnout at the Toronto Motorcycle Show, there’s plenty of interest. But, what modifications are necessary?

CSBK head honcho Colin Fraser and other roadracing figures and industry representatives hosted a seminar at the Toronto show last weekend, explaining basic setup for the series.

Here, we’ve got a shorter explanation on YouTube, using a Yamaha R3 as an example. If you think you’d like to try your hand in the new series, this should serve as a good primer on where to get started prepping your bike.

One thought on “How to prep your bike for CSBK’s Lightweight Sport Bike”

  1. Since I assume this is an entry class, why not just run em stock rules??? No multiple $$thousands need for suspension, bits, exhaust, racing tires (every weekend) and motor mods. Little to no tuning skills needed. Just racing where the best racer wins, NOT the richest, best supported and sponsored rider.

    Kinda like the early 70’s production class where you went out and got an RD for $1,000, K81 street tires for $100 a pair (and they lasted 2 years, dry or wet!), leathers, helmet, gloves and your construction boots for another $400. Lots of new talent entered due to it being so cheap, and it was competitive as hell as I remember.

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