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Watch: Lyndon Poskitt explains Dakar navigation systems

Here at CMG, we’ve been covering the 2018 Dakar rally for almost two weeks now, but we’ve been doing it from the comfort of our desks.

In South America, racer Lyndon Poskitt has been covering the rally as a competitor, with regular updates on his adventures in the Malle Moto class on his Races to Places YouTube channel. Yesterday, Poskitt didn’t have his usual update due to technical difficulties, so instead he uploaded this handy guide to a Dakar motorcycle’s navigation systems.

As you watch it, remember, the Dakar riders are managing all this navigation while they race, unlike car drivers, who have the advantage of a co-pilot keeping an eye on the maps! It’s no wonder you see riders getting lost from time time, or wadding up their bikes due to distraction.

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