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Watch: The birth of a Honda Super Cub

There have been more Honda Super Cubs made than any other vehicle in the world. And now, thanks to the power of YouTube, you can see one being pieced together in Honda’s Kumamoto factory.

‘Course, the vid doesn’t show all the intricacies of the operation, including initial assembly of the suspension and engine bits. But it’s a cool tribute to one of the most iconic motorcycles ever made. We just wish, that, given the name Super Cub, the video had been narrated in the style of a Sir David Attenborough BBC nature special. It would have made it much more interesting.

This is the 60th year of production for the Super Cub, with 100 million units sold since it hit showrooms in the 1950s.

One thought on “Watch: The birth of a Honda Super Cub”

  1. Amazing legacy for Honda san and his vision to create a motorbike that the noodle boy could operate with one hand.
    I searched for years and finally found a pristine model with the 12v ignition, a 1984 Honda Passport in Silver (the fastest colour).
    I’ve had the little bike for several years and the quality of build and fun factor has not diminished.

    Check out the history and amazing story if you’re interested: http://world.honda.com/Cub/

    Happy Holidays.

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