Updates for 2018 Indian Scout

The Indian Scout may be one of the brand’s entry-level models, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving it some key updates for 2018.

For the upcoming year, the Scout will get updated cartridge fork internals, along with new Pirelli tires. The cartridge forks are particularly interesting, as similar suspension upgrades were available in the past, but as aftermarket items that would add to the price tag. They’ll be included as stock now, but the bike now has a $14,499 MSRP, up $500. You pay more, but it will come as a better machine, out of the box.

As for the tires: Indian is going with bi-compound Pirelli Night Dragons, which are supposed to have a larger contact patch with the ground, and perform better in corners as well as in straight lines.

Indian also has new colour options and the rear pillion seat is included as standard now.

As far as we can tell, none of these changes have made it to the Scout Sixty model, which is the lowest-priced bike in Indian’s lineup. Indeed, the additions have raised the price of the standard Scout model far enough that it’s now pricier than Harley-Davidson Sportster models, which would have been its closest competition in the past, and far more expensive than the bare-bones Harley-Davidson Street lineup. Will Polaris be able to maintain sales growth and also keep hiking the price at the same time? Is Harley-Davidson becoming the bargain option, if you want a made-in-America motorcycle? We live in interesting times, for sure…

4 thoughts on “Updates for 2018 Indian Scout”

  1. Well that is amazing considering Polaris history of building a motorcycle with short comings and never updating the design. Then wondering why sales were limited. Updating there bikes would have seen a successful Victory brand. Did Steve Menneto get canned??? He should have been long ago!!
    This is amazing coming from Polaris Industries….. WTF

  2. indian is counting on customers to pay a premium on a name that really is not the same. It will bite them just like Harley and the 2003 model gouging. How exclusive is owning a Harley now? I have owned 13 and buy them now for less than I used to. The days of getting more than I paid are long gone. Indian will get there quicker due the economic conditions of today.

    1. Considering how many are complaining about engine noise . Known as the 111 CLACKER.
      They are a very greedy company and will get there just due soon….

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