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Motojourno seeking funding for Quixotic film

Tired of spending your money on the humdrum necessities of life? If you’ve ever wanted to be a snooty patron of the arts, attending swank galas and the like, you now have your chance, thanks to motojourno Jeff Buchanan.

Buchanan, who’s scribed for several moto-mags over the years, along with gigs in the film industry (he’s had his work screened at Sundance) and as an independent publisher, is seeking funding for a feature film titled A Man in La Mancha. It’s inspired by the classic Spanish novel Don Quixote, but set in modern times, with a BMW adventure bike substituting in for Quixote’s horse.

The Kickstarter page summarizes the film as “A life-weary man, disenchanted by the loss of civility in the world, becomes a motorcycle-riding knight-errant in La Mancha.” There’s a longer synopsis of the plot further down the webpage.

There are three weeks left in the film’s Kickstarter campaign, and a long way to go to meet the total. If you’re interested, we’re sure Buchanan and the rest of his crew (the key players in the team are all listed) would welcome any contribution you can give. And let’s face it: It would be nice to have a motorcycle film produced that didn’t feature knuckle-dragging outlaws, or squids.

One thought on “Motojourno seeking funding for Quixotic film”

  1. Part of our mission is to support the filmmakers who produce the movies we love to watch. We’ve stepped in to support and hope the members of our moto community will join us and hopefully we’ll get to see the end product at a future Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival.

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