Kawasaki adds new 2018 models to Canadian website.

Kawasaki has added its new-for-2018 models to its Canadian website, including the Ninja 400, Ninja H2 SX, ZX-10 SE, and Z900 RS, and their various sub-models.

The Ninja 400 will sell for $5,799 as a base model, only available in black. That price is competitive with the smaller-bore competition, despite offering a brand-new, highly-improved bike.

Springing for the ABS version adds red and blue colour options, and brings the price tag to $6,199. The green/black Kawasaki Racing Team version sells for $5,999.  Add in another $200 and you can get the KRT bike with ABS as well.

The ZX-10R SE (with new-for-2018 semi-active suspension, as well as up/down quickshifter) will sell for $24,599. It will only be available in a black/grey colour scheme.

The supercharged Ninja H2 SX sport tourer will sell for $21,899, which is a bit lower than we’d expected to see. It’s only available in black, but the SE version is available in green and has a $25,299 price tag.

Four versions of the new Z900 RS are coming to Canada. The base model has a $12,999 price tag (roughly what we expected) and is only available in black. The SE version is available in a retro brown/orange colour scheme for $13,199, and the Z900 RS Cafe Racer is $13,599.

6 thoughts on “Kawasaki adds new 2018 models to Canadian website.”

  1. Why does the 20k bike get cruise control but a 18k concours still not have cruise control or power modes or even the versys 1000! These two bikes are true touring machines for the common market. Why is Kawasaki now making and pricing their bikes like European I miss when they were so simple. I don’t care much about power modes and traction control but if the bike cost more than 10k why not right?

  2. Agreed with previous comments. I like the H2SX, unexpected and priced accordingly in line with the other models out there in the class with 40 more hp. The BMW K1600GT starts at a much higher price pt albeit with more (unnecessary) toys.

    I thought the Z900 would come in closer to the Triumphs. Yes there is more performance but given the platform sharing I expected they would be 1-2K max higher. I expect a price drop in future. Albeit they come in way below the BMW R9T line.

  3. How many litre bikes sell per year at the $20 000 price range? Seriously, thats mega coin for a toy isn’t it? Who is the target market? Where is the fun in a machine that is this expensive?

    1. I’m with you Tony. For me 20K is an insurmountable mental barrier for a bike. I guess there’s enough people who don’t feel that way though judging by the number of expensive bikes on the road. Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to finance a motorcycle that the 20k price stays above my self imposed limit.

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