Kymco CV3: Another take on the leaning three-wheeler

Seems like everybody’s building leaning three-wheelers these days: there’s the new Yamaha Niken, the Piaggio MP3 just got updated, and now we’re seeing photos of the Kymco CV3.

Details are slim on the new Kymco, but at its core, it seems to be a leaning step-through that’s very similar to the Piaggio. Supposedly, it’ll make over 50 hp, but that’s not finalized—for now, this is just a concept machine. It seems there will be optional luggage, and it looks like it comes with chunky tires, but that’s about all the photos tell us.

If it’s made, will it come to Canada? Hard to say, but the extra stability wouldn’t hurt, for a rider who’s determined to make the extra mileage in a run of the 2019 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally …

2 thoughts on “Kymco CV3: Another take on the leaning three-wheeler”

  1. Why can none of the reviews I’ve seen, tell me what engine is definitely going to be used in kymco’s cv3 concept tilting scooter. Every review says it could be 550cc but none have confirmed it yet.

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