Kymco CV2: Is the adventure scooter here to stay?

Was Honda on to something? Is the idea of an adventure scooter here to stay (see also: Honda X-ADV)?

It looks like the X-ADV might have started a trend, as Kymco has now built the CV2 concept. It’s another take on the idea of an adventure scooter, coming to you from Taiwan instead of Japan.

Details are slim: Brembo brakes, knobby-ish tires, big windscreen, rain roof and luggage available as options, probably over 50 hp. That’s all we know. But otherwise, it is a cool-looking step-through, although the adventure beak is a bit much, and realistically, this machine will occupy the same space that most adventure motorcycles do: a stable, comfortable ride for laying down street miles, with very little (if any) off-road exploration.

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