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More of the same: Yamaha Super Tenere Raid Edition

For a while now, adventure riders have been hoping for an update on the Yamaha Super Tenere. Some were hoping for an all-new 700-class T7, others were hoping the existing 1200 model would be revised. Both sets of riders were disappointed today.

Today, Yamaha dropped a bummer bomb on ADV fanatics by saying the T7 is still a concept, now dubbed the Tenere 700 World Raid Concept (a mouthful!). And, the 1200 cc Super Tenere remains basically unchanged for yet another year, except for one faint glimmer of hope.

Although the model didn’t get a complete makeover, Yamaha did announce the Super Tenere Raid Edition, for a mid-2018 arrival.

The Raid Edition is basically your standard Super Ten, with basic changes: 37-litre aluminum sidebags, a beefier skidplate, better handguards, accessory lights a new windscreen. Which, frankly, almost makes it sound as if Yamaha isn’t trying, especially when you consider that Honda has not only released the Africa Twin since Yamaha last updated the Super Tenere, but also released the Adventure Sport edition (earlier today).

The Raid Edition hasn’t appeared on the Canadian Yamaha site yet, but if it does come here, we wouldn’t expect the announcement for a few months anyway, as is often the case with Yamaha’s special edition models.

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