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Here’s another teaser for the BMW F800 GS replacement

Is it called the F850? The F900? We don’t know yet, but we do expect to see it next week, with this latest teaser from BMW.

The F800 series was definitely in need of some updating, but we doubt it will see much; there will likely be a minor bump in displacement, and the engine will probably be smoothed out a bit (the old unit was a bit of a rattly runner once the revs rose). It’s unclear yet if Rotax will still manufacture the engine, or if BMW will take it in-house now.

As for the rest of the package, we’d assume typical GS roll-out; there will likely be a road-biased version and an off-road version with trick suspension, wire wheels, hard luggage, etc. Whether we’ll see both versions at EICMA is another question, but it’s likely. Will we see a naked bike version and a budget sport tourer as well? If not this fall, we’d expect to see it soon after.

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