11 thoughts on “Hitting the bottle on the track”

          1. larry is where I got that info. I’d message the foundation but Faceblight seems to be their only online presence, and I’m not on it.

  1. I was standing in 14 when this happened and it happened so fast that I didn’t even see JP’s involvement. Heard the crash, swung around to look at corner 1, and only saw Mike and his bike through the viewfinder.

  2. I saw that crash – it was spectacular with J. P. “s bike flying at least 20 feet in the air. I don’t think anyone thought they would walk away. Oh, and I had a similar bruise from high siding on the last turn at Shannonville in 1984, long before there were air or bottle fences and flew into the unprotected guardrail at high speed. It was one of those moments where everything went into slow motion and I had time to think about what a great life I had had. I was lucky to walk away from that one.

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