Report: Bonneville Bobber Black coming soon

Along with the new Speedmaster that will be unveiled next week, Triumph is also supposedly working on a Bonneville Bobber Black.

The original Triumph Bonneville Bobber debuted on the show circuit last year (Costa rode it in December; see his report here). It took Triumph’s parallel twin lineup in an interesting direction, reminding buyers that custom builders made a lot of choppers and other customs out of Brit bikes back in the day. And, it’s probably those people who would be most interested in the Black version.

With some exceptions, a Black version of a motorcycle is usually slightly cheaper than the standard model, thanks to spartan paint and unchromed exhausts, all bearing a coat of black paint. This makes the bike more appealing to buyers with less money, but also to custom builders who are planning to use their own paint schemes or exhaust systems anyway.

You can be sure those builders are already looking hard at the Bonneville Bobber, as its bold lines made it one of the most distinctive machines to debut this season, and builders who don’t want to get into frame tweaking can run the Bobber as-is to get that streamlined hardtail look.

The report of the new Bobber Black comes from Visordown, who didn’t name the source. But, it makes sense, as Triumph already has Black versions of the other Bonneville machines. Some of the current Bobber models are already pretty drab, like the grey paint scheme in the title photo. Visordown reckons Triumph will probably spruce up the standard Bobber model with more shiny paint and aluminum bits, to make it look different from the Black model. That’s probably a good guess.

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