Report: Royal Enfield is serious about Ducati bid

Despite reports that Volkswagen doesn’t actually want to sell the manufacturer, the Indian moto-press says Royal Enfield is making a serious bid for Ducati.

Ducati’s fate has been up in the air for months, with initial reports saying the Italian marque was up for sale, and that potential buyers included Harley-Davidson and Royal Enfield. Then, a month ago, we heard that Ducati’s owner (Volkswagen) might not actually want to sell the brand, with some of the conglomerate’s supervisory board members standing in the way of a deal.

Maybe those issues have been resolved, maybe they haven’t. Whatever the case, that hasn’t stopped the Economic Times from reporting Royal Enfield is about to make a binding offer for Ducati in the $1.8-2 billion range (USD, we presume). Maybe Royal Enfield’s August announcement that it was just fine without any European partners was all a smokescreen? Or maybe India’s press is just making up stories again?

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