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Here’s Harley-Davidson’s Common Ground series

Harley-Davidson Canada’s Common Ground video series is all on YouTube now, with the final episode above.

We first told you about this series, which celebrates the manufacturer’s 100 years in Canada, back in June. The idea was to pair up Canadian riders with motorcyclists from out-of-country, to introduce them to our land on its 150th anniversary. The first episode saw riders taking on Quebec, the second was set out in the Rockies, and the third (Above) was set in Atlantic Canada, in the motorcycle playground of Cape Breton.

There’s a pile of outtakes and other assorted clips from these videos on Harley-Davidson Canada’s official YouTube site here. Whether you want to follow the riders’ examples of getting your bike blessed before a ride, or going lobster fishing in your bike gear, is a choice that’s entirely up to you …

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