Finland to host MotoGP race in 2019

MotoGP is returning to Finland, with official confirmation of an event there in 2019.

Longtime race fans will of course remember the Finnish GPs of old, typically held at Imatra Circuit. Canadian GP gurus may even remember this was a track that Canadian riders did quite well at. Michelle Duff earned a second-place finish in the 500 cc race in 1964 and a win in the 250 cc race in 1965, and Frank Perris nabbed first in the 125 cc race in 1965 (although he was only born in Canada, and spent most of his life elsewhere).

Now, the racing will take place at the KymiRing. There’s no official date set for the first race there, as the 2019 schedule hasn’t been made up, but the Finnish track has a five-year contract with MotoGP. Supposedly, MotoGP claims to expect around 100,000 visitors at the event, as it’s the only chance for race fans in northern Europe to watch an event close to home.

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