Got Laverda? Dutch museum selling its collection of rare Italian bikes

Do you want to start your own motorcycle museum? A Dutch collector can help you out, if you’ve got about €695,00.

Cor Dees of the Dutch Laverda Museum is selling off almost every motorcycle in his collection, a total of 81 bikes, including prototypes. That number jumps to 82 bikes, if you buy the V6 1000 that he’s restoring. He’s keeping the other V6 (an endurance racer) he has for himself. All the bikes will be sold in one lot.

Dees is selling because of his long-term health issues, which is sad for him, but it’s going to put a lot of rare bikes on the market, including a 1968 Laverda 650 from the first production run; a 1987 125 cc MotoGP bike, piloted by Allesandro Gramigni; a 75 Turismo built in 1950, and another one from 1951 that was Massimo Laverda’s personal bike. Dees’s friendship with the Laverda family enabled him to acquire this bike and many others in the collection, including one-off concept bikes and prototypes that never saw production, including the V6 prototype mentioned earlier. There’s a complete list of the motorcycles available here, and it’s truly an impressive collection.

Sadly most of us will be unable to even dream of raising the kind of cash necessary to buy a unique collection like this, but we can hope that whoever does acquire the machines will continue to allow public access. Maybe the machines will show up at the Barber Museum?

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