Germany sees return of Boxer Cup

The R NineT Racer is getting a chance to live up to its name in Germany.

BMW Motorrad is reviving the Boxer Cup spec series, but this time, the R NineT Racer is the star of the show. The first time this series ran, around 15 years ago, racers used BMW R1100 RS motorcycles.

Seeing the Boxer Cup revived is bittersweet, as CMG had a fair bit of a hand in a similar series that ran here, the Canadian Thunder series. Those days are long gone, but you can read one episode from that story here.

Will the Boxer Cup make it to Canada? We haven’t heard a peep about that sort of thing, and since the great economic collapse of the last decade, roadracing has fallen on hard times in North America. We’d be surprised if revival of a large twin racing series was even a remote possibility in Canada. In the absence of an official race series, at least BMW’s buyers can puff out their chest a bit and tell their riding buddies that, yes, the R NineT Racer is a race-ready motorcycle; you just have to travel to Germany to race it.

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