Rumour mill once again predicts new, retro Kawi Z1 900

The rumour mill is once again predicting a new Kawasaki Z1 900 tribute bike is coming.

The gossip about a retro-styled model with similar lines to the original Z1 900 has been circulating for years, particularly since Kawasaki showed a concept bike on the show circuit that paid homage to its original superbike (pictured above). However, when the new Z-series bikes were released last fall, the much-predicted Z1 tribute was nowhere to be seen.

But the Japanese moto-press claims the Z1 tribute is coming, just delayed. According to Autoby, the bike will be dubbed the Z900RS—a name which, coincidentally, Kawasaki has recently trademarked.  Is there anything to the rumour? We’ll wait and see what this year’s EICMA show turns up.

4 thoughts on “Rumour mill once again predicts new, retro Kawi Z1 900”

  1. This bike is really nice… look like the husqvarna vitpilen but iwth the amazing 900cc kawa engine !!!

    1. The lines are wrong with the modern frame and the retro round tank. It looks like a backyard restomod. The ZRX was a legend.

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