BC motorcyclists can now apply for disabled parking permit

Motorcyclists in British Columbia can now apply for disabled parking permits.

As the province’s press release points out, the idea of a disabled parking permit for a motorcyclist might sound unusual, but it is something the province gets requests for every spring.

Now, motorcyclists with certain disabilities can apply for a permit, which comes with a decal that is visibly displayed on their bike (on the windshield, for instance); this allows the rider to park in designated disabled parking spots. Motorcyclists must have their parking placard with them, or be carrying their issued wallet card, to prove they’re the valid permit holder when using the disabled parking.

The decals are available through SPARC BC’s Parking Permit Program for People with Disabilities (call 604-718-7744, or email permits@sparc.bc.ca). Other agencies which issue parking permits will be able to issue the disabled motorcycle permits as well.

There will be a cost, just as there is with other parking permits, but SPARC BC is able to offer assistance if the cost is a problem for the user.


Find more details of the parking program in the province’s press release here.

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