Ducati rumours: New V4 spied, and new Panigale specs leaked

Last week was full of Ducati news, particularly with the announcement of the last superbike in the Panigale line. Now, Asphalt & Rubber is reporting some alleged specs of that machine, as well as a photo that could be that bike’s replacement.

Asphalt & Rubber says the rumours (not yet confirmed) say the last version of the 1299 Panigale will have 209 horsepower at the crank; the Superleggara model is rated at 215 horsepower, but as Jensen Beeler points out, that number is measured differently, and both bikes should be in the same ballpark.

Supposedly, the new bike will weigh 168 kg dry, and 190 kg ready to ride. Pricing is expected to be £34,995, which works out to almost $60,000 CAD.

Of course, that bike is just a precursor to the new V4 superbike that Ducati has long been rumoured to be prepping, and Asphalt & Rubber also had a photo of that bike last week, which they in turn sourced from MaxxMoto (more photos available there).

If the photos are legit, then we can learn a few hints about the new V4’s basic layout; there’s a single-sided swingarm, an exhaust can mounted underneath the bike, and a rear cylinder that’s tipped pretty far backwards. Given the traditional mounting locations of Ducati’s L-twin engines, this hints at a radical change in chassis design on the new V4.

The bike is covered in disguise tape (particularly around the front windscreen, and also has testing sensors strapped on (note the big box on the tail section), so this photo doesn’t indicate the machine’s final form; however, it certainly contains a hint of the future.

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