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Ducati video announces a new superbike

Ducati has a new superbike coming this July, and it’s likely the final installment of the current Panigale 1299 platform.

There have been rumours of a new V4 Ducati superbike for several months now; at first, they were poo-pooed by skeptical journos, but with official confirmation a few months back, everyone’s just waiting for the machine to break into the public scene.

But before that happens, Ducati appears to be ready to announce a new superbike on July 7. That’s all this teaser video tells us—we get a few extreme close-ups, and a video title saying “When The End Tells The Whole Story.” Presumably, that indicates the end of the Panigale lineup, probably with an improved version of the 1299. Or maybe not. We’ll know July 7.

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