Here’s the Scrambler that Royal Enfield should be building

Royal Enfield made a lot of hoopla over its Himalayan adventure bike a couple years ago, but has taken its time introducing it to the North American market. That’s okay, because we think this scramblerized Bullet 350 is just as nice a machine anyway.

Put together by Indonesian custom shop Thrive Motorcycle, the bike (dubbed the Moltar) gets mild modifications to the tank and bodywork, a new sub-frame, and a re-designed seat.

Curiously, Thrive went with a 19-inch front and 18-inch rear, instead of the more common 19-17 combo. That front fender was made specifically for this project, as was the skid plate, and the footpegs are items that Thrive offers for sale through its website.

It seems the builders aren’t afraid to put their creation through its paces.

The headlight is a custom unit, the taillight was replaced with an LED unit, and the front forks are from YSS. The controls are streamlined, just like the gauges, and the exhaust has been replaced with a stainless steel high-mount system, just like the Brit bike scramblers of old.

Which brings us to this question: Why hasn’t Royal Enfield already built a factory machine like this? Brit bikes were the original scramblers, and Royal Enfield could be cashing in on its heritage with such a model. But for now, the manufacturer seems happy to let customizers do the job instead.

Find more details and photos of the build at Thrive’s blog.

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