SWM motorcycles are coming to Canada

The Speedy Working Motorcycles  brand (usually known as SWM) will be available in Canada in the near future.

According to Mike Wells at Motorsports Canada, his company plans to bring the RS125, RS300 and RS500 enduro bikes into Canada immediately, and also plans to bring the street-legal Super Dual later this year, as an early 2018 release. Motorsports Canada is working on gaining approval to bring in the rest of SWM’s full lineup, including the street bikes.

If you aren’t familiar with SWM, there’s a brief company history at its webpage. Essentially, it’s a rare example of a successful zombie brand. The Italian-based manufacturer was originally in business between 1971 and 1984, but was revived in 2014 by Chinese manufacturing giant Shineray. Now, SWM sells bikes built around the made-in-Italy Husqvarna designs that went out of production when KTM’s Stefan Pierer bought that brand from BMW. It’s a complicated family history, for sure, but reports from other countries with access to the machines seem to indicate the bikes are decent quality.

3 thoughts on “SWM motorcycles are coming to Canada”

    1. Not likely as they plan to bring them immediately,knowing how much of a pain and how long it take to get approval from Transport Canada i doubt they could get them street legal in such a short period , they will probably do like AJP and sell them as off road bikes much easier to do but they lose many potential customers.
      The 125 is already street legal in Europe so would be easier to do but not the 300 and 500 so not much hope for these two.One thing i`m sure about though is if the 125 was street legal i would get one for sure.

  1. I really like the Grand Milano. I haven’t seen it up close but it looks great. Shineray has developed a good rep with the MASH bikes in Europe. I think this will be good news.

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