Indian still dominating AMA Flat Track

The AMA Flat Track season is now eight races in, and Indian is still dominating the AFT Twins series.

Indian’s bikes have taken the win in every single AFT Twins race to this point, and factory riders Jared Mees and Bryan Smith are tied for the lead in the series, with three wins and four wins respectively (the Springfield TT race only had a Singles event). Indian has had at least two riders on the podium in every AFT Twins race this season.

The results prove that while Indian’s road-going motorcycles follow the North American pattern (big and heavy), its race machine is built along different lines, and for now, there seems to be nothing else capable of beating it. Maybe the FTR750 could prove to be the replacement for the Harley-Davidson XR750, the made-in-America motorcycle that powered so many AMA Flat Track racers for decades?

2 thoughts on “Indian still dominating AMA Flat Track”

  1. Indian (through Swissauto) threw the money at it, bought the right riders, and have so far reaped the success.
    Don’t count HD out quite yet, the new bike is coming along albeit slower than they’d like.
    The FZ-07 based Yamahas, and EX650 based Kawasakis are in the hunt too.
    Its going to be a good season.

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