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Motorscan adapter can check your Harley-Davidson’s engine codes

With many modern motorcycles now featuring “Check Engine” lights, what’s a home mechanic to do, if he/she wants to diagnose a bike’s problems without visiting the dealer?

If you’re a Harley-Davidson rider, you can look into a Motorscan adapter for reading your codes.

Designed to pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth, a Motorscan adapter can read and reset engine codes on Harley-Davidsons made between 2001 and 2015. There are two different versions, a four-pin reader for older bikes and a six-pin reader for newer bikes.

Along with a detailed description of what your engine code/trouble light means (the same information your mechanic will read), the Motorscan will also view “Live Engine Data,” although the site doesn’t say what data that is (presumably, RPMs, but what else?).

Both adapters are priced at $299 US. Find more details at the Motorscan website.

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