Rumour confirmed: Triumph triples to power Moto2

A rumour from earlier this year has been confirmed: starting in 2019, Triumph will provide three-cylinder engines to power Moto2.

The engine for MotoGP’s feeder series will be based on Triumph’s 765 cc triple, but will be modified for race use. Changes include tweaks to the cylinder head, to allow better intake and exhaust flow. There are new titanium valves, with stiffer valve springs, which should allow a higher red line. There’s a new tunable slipper clutch, a smaller alternator (reduced output means there’s less energy spent creating electricity that’s not needed on a stripped-down race bike).

Triumph will also include a race-tuned ECU, engine covers that have been streamlined to reduce the width of the engine (thanks to the updated clutch and alternator), and a modified sump that allows race teams to improve the exhaust placement. The engine’s first gear is taller now.

However, the engine’s displacement remains unchanged.

Moto2 teams will have access to the new engines soon, to allow them to begin testing.


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