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FBI says”biker hackers” formed massive Jeep theft ring

From the Department of Weird News comes this gem: The FBI is accusing a Mexican motorcycle gang of hacking into the security systems of more than 150 Jeep Wranglers, in order to steal them.

That might sound like the plot to the next Fast & Furious movie (add in Keanu Reeves, and you could argue for a dystopian future angle), but it’s not fake news.

The FBI says members of the Tijuana-based Hooligans motorcycle club managed to organize a highly sophisticated auto theft ring that targeted Jeep Wranglers, eventually stealing more than 150 Jeeps worth $4.5 million US.

The Jeeps were taken to Mexico and stripped down for parts, the FBI says.

Along with the Jeep thefts, the gang members also targeted motorcycles, the FBI says, so even the most hardened anti-cager can hardly call them folk heroes. Read more of the bizarre story, including the highly complicated theft process, at ExtremeTech.com.

5 thoughts on “FBI says”biker hackers” formed massive Jeep theft ring”

      1. I didn’t anything about what Jeeps *cost*. I question what they are *worth*.

        Google “jeep quality” and see the first result; to wit:

        Jeep once again is getting brickbats hurled at it, this time by J.D. Power & Associates, which ranked the FCA brand 29th out of 33 brands on its annual Vehicle Dependability Study. This came after Consumer Reports in 2014 ranked the Jeep Wrangler tops on its “worst value list.”

        You couldn’t give me a Jeep for free.

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