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BMW’s take on the “smart bike” is a scooter

BMW has developed a concept scooter that knows you and your schedule, and routes you around town accordingly.

Called the Concept Link, the idea is to build a vehicle that’s completely integrated into your life; it knows where you need to be and when you need to be there, and routes you accordingly. If you’re in a hurry, it can pick the fastest route. If you’ve got time, it can take you along the scenic route. It can even play suitable music along the ride—no word yet on whether Kenny Loggins’ Greatest Hits is an optional accessory.

Naturally, like all forward-thinking concepts these days, the Concept Link is battery-powered (the massive battery pack is stored in the floorboard area). And like every other forward-thinking concept, it does away with mundane details like a traditional gauge cluster. The bike projects your speed, battery power, and your GPS instructions onto the windscreen, so it’s easily seen. There’s a secondary display unit with a touchscreen mounted roughly in the same place as traditional gauges—below the handlebars—for other information (GPS routing, entertainment, etc).

Along with connectivity to your smartphone, BMW also proposes to make this scoot interact with specially designed clothing. Using simple body motions will control some of the bike’s functions, such as opening the luggage compartment.

BMW unveiled the Concept Link at the  Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, in Italy, late last week. According to its promo copy, “At the moment, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link is still a prototype. It already shows where the journey with BMW Motorrad might lead. Interconnected solutions stand for connectivity, convenience and last but not least safety.” So if the idea of having a scooter that knows your thoughts and needs freaks you out a bit, you’ve got a bit of time before the machines finally take over.

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