Erik Buell Racing closing down

Erik Buell Racing’s assets up for sale next month

Is it the final episode in the Erik Buell Racing, or the start of another confusing episode in the company’s history?

It’s impossible to say right now, but the future of EBR is definitely in the balance, as the company’s assets are up for sale next month.

The sale is being conducted by Liquid Asset Partners, the outfit that finally purchased EBR in 2016 after months of bizarre storylines. You can read the whole saga here, but the nutshell summary is that Erik Buell Racing, the spiritual descendant of Harley-Davidson’s shut-down Buell subsidiary, went out of business in 2015 after developing a handful of sporty motorcycles.

In the months since, much verbal dung has been flung at the company by irritated motorcyclists and disappointed fanboys (much of perhaps a bit unfairly). Liquid Asset Partners originally said it planned to restart production, but last January, it announced EBR would close once more.

Now, everything EBR has is up for sale: spare parts, race motorcycles, tooling, testing equipment—even intellectual property. The liquidation sale starts on June 7 at EBR’s location in East Troy, Wisconsin; there will be a live auction the following day.

Interested in seeing what’s for sale? You can find more details at Liquid Asset Partners’ website, which also has details on the auction, just in case you were thinking about going down and buying everything to start your own motorcycle manufacturing company.

9 thoughts on “Erik Buell Racing’s assets up for sale next month”

  1. This is just another one of Zac’s pranks. We all know that he has a not-so-secret love affair with Eric Buell. 🙂

    1. “This is just another one of Zac’s pranks. We all know that he has a not-so-secret love affair with Eric Buell.”
      He hides his wanton desire for a Blast very well, doesn’t he ? 😉

  2. The fact that no real player has stepped up to the plate speaks volumes about the lack of viability of EBR period. It wasn’t a good deal for Harley or Hero why would anyone with a lick of sense want to resurrect it now?

    1. Agreed.

      If the bikes were priced far lower, there would be a market niche. As they are now, they’re selling previous Gen technology and the public wants next-gen.

      1. By extension, if they didn’t cost so much to build necessitating unreasonably high prices they might have HAD a better chance.

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