Nicky Hayden in serious condition after bicycle crash

Photo: MotoGP

World Superbike racer Nicky Hayden is in hospital with serious injuries after being injured in a bicycle crash,

Hayden was training on his bicycle yesterday in Italy when he was struck by a car. After receiving emergency treatment at the scene, Hayden was taken to hospital. He’s currently in a hospital in Cesena, in intensive care, with a bleeding brain and broken pelvis and leg. Doctors have placed him in a medically-induced coma and say he’s too weak to operate on at this point.

Hayden was the 2006 MotoGP champion and currently races in World Superbike with the Red Bull Honda factory team.

2 thoughts on “Nicky Hayden in serious condition after bicycle crash”

  1. Nah, the stats still show motorcycles are 50x more likely to kill you than bicycles. The main menace to both are car drivers. Can’t wait until self-driving cars are the norm and everyone’s chances of being killed goes way down.

  2. It has been said “motorcycles are dangerous”…
    Actually bicycles are even more so!
    Especially here in Toronto – they’re a total menace.
    I’d rather have an older ZX14 with no traction control, heheh…
    Anyway: we’re pullin’ for ya Nicky! Best wishes.
    (Geez I hope he doesn’t go like Michael Schumacher with the brain trauma.)

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