Ottawa rider who flashed fake gun gets prison time

Remember that story from last summer, about the rider who was hooning around Ottawa flashing a fake handgun at other motorists, eventually earning himself a ban from the city?

The latest update on the story from the National Post says the rider’s bike has been forfeited to the Crown, and he’s also earned two-year stint in federal prison.

The rider, James Cole, initially made headlines last summer. In mid-June, police issued a public plea for help identifying a suspect who had been spotted riding erratically around the Ottawa area, brandishing what looked like a handgun at other motorists, and committing other threatening acts. Thanks to keen-eyed motorcyclists who quickly identified the motorcycle in the photos, police soon had a suspect’s name. Cole later turned himself in, and the handgun turned out to be a fake.

Originally, Cole faced 20 charges, including weapons offenses, breach of probation, assault with a weapon, and gas theft. He eventually pleaded guilty to 10 of those charges. On Monday, an Ontario judge sentenced him to three and a half years in prison; with credit for time served, Cole has two years left.

The judge, who himself is a motorcyclist, ordered Cole to forfeit his motorcycle, and Cole also has a two-year driving ban coming after he’s released from prison.

Cole’s lawyer blamed his client’s crimes on a serious cocaine addiction. For more details on the case, check out the National Post’s write-up.

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