New CSC RXR adventure bike is a stripped-down ADV machine

The new CSC RXR offers buyers a stripped-down version of the existing RX3 adventure bike.

The RX3 adventure bike (introduced to Canada in 2015) was arguably the first of the modern breed of mini ADV bikes: A made-in-China motorcycle with liquid-cooled 250 engine, factory luggage, full bodywork, and everything else you expect to see on a full-sized adventure bike. But despite its smaller size, some customers still complained about the weight. That’s where the RXR comes in.

According to CSC’s press release, the RXR is basically the same bike as the RX3, but with the panniers, top case, rear rack, engine and rear frame guards, body panel decals, passenger footpegs, and front fork panels removed, as well as a cut-down front windshield.

The engine is the same (four-valve single, six-speed transmission, EFI), but CSC says the result of stripping off all those parts is a motorcycle that’s more than 22 kg lighter than the original RX3.

Like the original RX3, the RXR has an 18-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel. Dry weight is 175 kg . Max horsepower is 24.8 hp at 9000 rpm, and max torque is 16.6 ft-lb at 7000 rpm. You can find more specifications at the CSC website.

MSRP for the RXR is $3,495 US. If it’s available in Canada like the RX3, expect to pay the same amount converted to CAD, plus freight. For reference, the original RX3 sells for $3,895 US.

In some ways, the offering of a stripped-down version of the RX3 is sensible, as the original was a bit heavy for its engine displacement, and many buyers were likely interested in swapping out the hard luggage for a good set of soft bags.

5 thoughts on “New CSC RXR adventure bike is a stripped-down ADV machine”

  1. That’s expensive for what you get. Better to spend a little bit more and go with proven brands as already suggested in the posts. The motorcycle market is essentially saturated with many excellent and renown brands, with very good aftermarket support (parts/service/warranty) and frankly I wouldn’t risk the poor value of this bike and nascent manufacturer/importer/support structure.

  2. I just priced an RXRfrom CSC. The total cost, including freight and picking up the bike in Vancouver was $5700 CDN. I live on Vancouver Island, so there would be an additional $100 for the ferry. Not really a bargain?

    1. And for about $500 more you could have a BMW G310GS with 42% more power and a decent resale value if you want to sell it.

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