Spied! KTM goes electric?

Asphalt & Rubber has acquired photos of what appears to be an electric motorcycle from KTM.

The photos show what appears to be a KTM 390 Duke chassis with an electric powerplant—battery, motor, and inverter.

Also, surprisingly, there’s a clutch lever. Is KTM planning to build an electric bike with a gearbox? There hasn’t been an electric bike with a manual transmission on the market since Brammo’s Empulse, which became the Victory Empulse TT, which will soon disappear from showrooms.

Of course, KTM has already fooled around with electric motorcycles, introducing the Freeride a while back, but before now, we haven’t seen serious plans to build a street bike.

You can find larger photos and more details on the KTM spy shots at Asphalt & Rubber’s website.

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