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Video: Ichiban Moto repairs a rectifier/regulator

Custom bike builders love old Japanese motorcycles, due to their reliability. But if classic Big Four bikes have a common failing, it’s charging system problems, often with the regulator/rectifier unit.

But no more! Ichiban Moto, the world’s greatest cafe racer builder (actually, the world’s greatest custom bike satirist), shows us how to rebuild a regulator/rectifier, so you have “properly gapped electrons.” Remember kids, don’t take anything Ichiban says too seriously …

2 thoughts on “Video: Ichiban Moto repairs a rectifier/regulator”

  1. I prefer to upgrade old reg/rectifiers with one containing a solid state oscillating overthruster – much simpler and cleaner. 😉

    1. Oops, I forgot to mention – they’re available from Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems “The Future Is Tomorrow”.

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