Born to ride? Burmese mother delivers baby in a sidecar

Ever see those “Born to ride” stickers and patches that the loud pipes crowd likes to plaster on their vests and helmets? A Burmese baby has earned the right to one of those, after being born in a sidecar en route to the hospital.

The Pattaya Mail is reporting a woman gave birth to her son before making it inside the hospital; her husband was taking her there in a sidecar, and that’s where the baby was born. It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but the paper describes her as a “24-year-old construction worker,” so we’re guessing she’s used to making do in rough situations.

Regardless, it sounds as if the baby was born with no problems, other than the location, and now we have a question: Should we be taking up a collection to buy a “Born to Ride” patch for that baby to put on his diaper?

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