Patents hint Suzuki turbocharged motorcycle is still possible has found patent drawings indicating a turcbocharged Suzuki motorcycle is still a possibility.

Suzuki debuted its turbocharged Recursion concept bike on the 2013 fall motorcycle show circuit. Since then, we’ve seen indications Suzuki planned to bring it to market, but that hasn’t happen yet, four years later. So, we wondered: is Suzuki really serious about bringing a turbocharged motorcycle to market, or was it all just a bike fake-out?

It’s not a definitive answer either way, but the patent drawings unearthed by (from 13 different applications with the US Patent Office) show Suzuki is still working on the project. The drawings show a turbo’d parallel twin, similar to the original concept bike that was flogged on the show circuit. So maybe, just maybe, we’ll see this hit the market someday. Kawasaki has already blazed the trail for forced induction, with its supercharged H2 and H2R hyperbikes. Can Suzuki provide a reasonably priced alternative? Stay tuned.

One thought on “Patents hint Suzuki turbocharged motorcycle is still possible”

  1. I have a factory 1983 Suzuki Turbo XN85D sitting in my garage. Nothing new here. If they produce this expect Suzuki to drop support and deny the existence of the bike in just a couple of years.

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