Report: Suzuki patents design for two-wheel-drive scooter has unearthed patents for a two-wheel-drive scooter.

You can see the whole story, with plenty of patent drawings, here, but here’s the gist of it: the patent shows a scooter with a hub motor, but doesn’t say what powers that motor.

In the past, other companies experimented with front wheels powered by hydraulic lines, or mechanical linkages. This wheel is powered by an electric motor. The patent drawings don’t have anything to do with the propulsion system, but with the balancing system, so most details that you’d want to know remain a mystery for now.


2 thoughts on “Report: Suzuki patents design for two-wheel-drive scooter”

  1. Can you say electric ?
    Bicycles have used hub motors for years, how difficult would it be to build a hybrid or all-electric scooter ?
    Not very.

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