2017 24 Heures Motos - Victory for Yamaha

The battle is over, the race is won. GMT94 Yamaha and Yamaha Austria Racing Team leave Le Mans exhausted, but triumphant! The six Yamaha endurance riders rode an incredible race of their own, creating a race within a race, taking the fight through the 24 hours to the last moments and finishing just seconds apart, but minutes ahead of the pack. #WeR1 #RevsYourHeart

Posted by Yamaha Racing on Monday, April 17, 2017
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Race results: Le Mans 24 Hour

Two Yamaha teams were within seconds of each other when it came down to the finish line at last weekend’s FIM Endurance date at Le Mans, but it was GMT94 (David Checa, Niccolo Canepa, Mike Di Meglio) who took the win.

GMT94 managed 860 laps, as did the second-place YART team, which was manned by some lesser-known names (Broc Parkes, Kohta Nozane, Martin Fritz). Although the sting of defeat is no doubt hurtful, those guys have got to be feeling pretty chuffed that they finished only 20 seconds behind the top-level talent that won.

Third place went to SRC Kawasaki (Fabien Foret, Mathieu Gines, Randy De Puniet). The Kawasaki team crashed out early, but battled back to a podium spot, finishing 12 laps back of the front. Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, usually in the battle for the win at FIM endurance events, finished 12 laps back as well. SERT is still leading FIM’s endurance standings, though.

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