Dorna paying out to Canadians

According to Asphalt & Rubber, Dorna’s investors, including the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), are taking a huge chunk of money out of Dorna.

Dorna is the entertainment marketing and managing company that controls both of the world’s premier roadracing series, MotoGP and World Superbike. The company is kind of a big deal in the motorcycling world, and anything that affects their business has a trickle-down effect on roadracing, for better or worse.

From what we’ve read, this deal will most likely have a huge effect on Dorna’s business. According to Asphalt & Rubber, Dorna’s investors are doing what’s called a dividend recapitalization, and using that to take €889 million out of the company. That’s a lot of change. For more explanation of what that means, how it’s allowed, and other details, check out A&R’s explanation here.

But, later this summer, if you aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for in MotoGP, remember: If you’re taking money from the  Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, you might not be happy with the race results, but at least you’re getting paid at the end of it all.

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