OPP charge motorcyclists months after incidents in the GTA

Five Ontario residents are facing charges after months of investigation following two riding incidents from last summer. The OPP has also seized four motorcycles.

CBC reports one Richmond Hill man has been charged in both incidents: the first was a crash on Hwy. 401 in Ontario, which saw a rider killed while part of a group that was allegedly doing stunt work on the highway. He crashed into a transport truck early in the morning on July 23.

The second incident involved a group of riders allegedly getting involved in a a road rage incident with a car driver in Mississauga, on Hwy. 401 near Dixie Rd. That incident allegedly saw the female passenger in the car assaulted by a group of motorcyclists, after which the driver crashed while fleeing the scene, chased by the motorcyclists. He was charged in the incident with dangerous driving, driving under suspension, and drug possession.

The Richmond Hill man, presumably one of the motorcyclists, is charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm. Three other people are also charged in the incident.

The CBC story reports that police expect to arrest more people over the incidents. If that’s true, it will be a very decisive move by the police: it shows Canadian law enforcement is serious about cracking down on the stunt-happy motorcycle mobs that have taken root in motorcycle culture in the U.S.

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