Mugen MX bike shown at Tokyo show

Mugen has debuted an electric  motocross bike at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

These days, Mugen is best-known for its electric superbikes run at the Isle of Man TT, widely considered to be a sort of Honda skunk works effort. Mugen also debuted its new electric superbike at the Tokyo show (see that here on Asphalt & Rubber, if you’re interested), but the big news is the new MXer, which we also saw on Asphalt & Rubber.

Dubbed the E-Rex, the electric motocross prototype was built in conjunction with Honda (surprise, surprise!). It sports Showa suspension and Nissin brakes (carbon-fibre discs), but we don’t know what motor it sports, or what it has for a battery. And for now, it’s just supposedly an exploration of the idea of an electric off-roader, with no stated intentions to race this thing. Having said that, it’s hard to imagine the two companies would go to the effort to develop this, and not run it?

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