Report: Dorna wants to bring back electric motorcycle racing

The electric motorcycle racing scene has been dead for a few years (except for the Isle of Man’s TT Zero), but Dorna wants to change that.

Dorna, the owner of MotoGP and World Superbike, says it’s planning to start a new five-round battery bike series, run as a support series for the MotoGP championship. Fourteen MotoGP riders and four Moto2 riders would make up the grid; the races would be 10-lap events.

The series would have a sole manufacturer providing the motorcycles, says Asphalt & Rubber—more details there (A&R got the news from Spanish publication AS).

Supposedly, Dorna wants to get the new series underway by 2019. The suggested format sounds like a good way to immediately build interest in electric racing, as it would immediately see the sport’s top names involved. It could even give us a chance to see a return to the old days of the fastest racers competing in more than one category, which doesn’t happen anywhere except for the Isle of Man, or national-level series.

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