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Behold the Hoversurf: A flying motorcycle from Russia

Russia might have lost the arms race of the Cold War, but it appears they’re winning the battle for the skies, with the new Hoversurf flying motorcycle.

The Hoversurf appears to basically work along the same principles as your standard unmanned aerial vehicle (or drone). Except, of course, this particular aircraft is manned, as you can see from the video above. Instead of a ground-based pilot flying by remote control, there’s a pilot aboard this contraption.

The whole thing appears to be unimaginably unsafe, as anything that sends the vehicle tumbling (a gust of wind, engine failure, etc.) would possibly pitch the rider/pilot into the propeller blades. Supposedly, software evens out the ride, but anyone who’s owned a PC is likely a little wary of a computer’s ability to perform flawlessly all the time …

Find more details at the Hoversurf website here.

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