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Video: Rosie Gabrielle rides the Middle East (and we ask her about it)

If you spend much time in the adventure riding Facebook groups, or on Instagram’s motorcycle feeds, you might have noticed Rosie Gabrielle’s name popping up lately, as she’s started uploading videos and photos of her adventures.

What you might not know is, Rosie’s from Vancouver; she hasn’t spent much time in Canada for the past few years, although she does return home every summer.

Rosie just uploaded a video of one of her adventures, through the Middle East on a Kawasaki KLR650. She’d already traveled the area many times (she spent parts of nine years in Oman), but not on a bike. We reached out to Rosie and asked her about her trip, when she finally got around to tackling the desert on two wheels.

What were your expectations headed in? Living there for some time, I was already familiar with the culture and the people. However, even though I had traveled extensively through Oman in the past by Car, being on a bike brought a whole new experience. In a car, you are just another tourist. On a bike, you are seen as vulnerable and people just wanted to take care of me. I was constantly being invited into homes and looked after. I had no expectations heading in, but was really blown away by the hospitality and kindness that I had received.

Are you tired of dropping your bike in the wilderness? Hahahha … yes !! I was always in a panic when it dropped. I was in the middle of nowhere, petrol would be spilling out, I would attempt to pick it up and then fail. In fact, I had received quite a bit of messages informing me that “Anyone could pick up a bike of any size,” including various YouTube links on the “proper way ” to pick up a bike. I had already known of these techniques and had tried them without luck. So, upon returning from my journey I wanted to prove that this “proper technique” really didn’t work. I made a full video ( quiet a hilarious one in fact) of me attempting various techniques. In the end, I tried my own way, and even surprised myself by effortlessly lifting it up ! So, in the end, it turns out I can pick up a KLR,  but, had I known that before, I never would have had the amazing encounters that I did.

Which people were the kindest you met? As in culture /country? Or specific people I met on this journey? Over all I would say the Muslim people are some of the most hospitable, kind, giving, people I have ever met. They will take a stranger in and treat them as family. On this trip, I was met with the most amazing people on a daily basis. From random strangers helping me pack all my gear, to being invited into homes and cooked copious amounts of food and invited to stay to sleep (this happened nearly every day) to just having people pull over and ask if I was okay if I was every stopped at the side of the road (taking photos etc).

What do you want people to know about the adventure you’re on? I want to inspire people. I’m going out there, as a vulnerable solo female rider. To show the world just how amazing it is. That we don’t need to fear the unknown, That we should be more open minded, caring and compassionate. I want to document my experiences so that I can share that with everyone, in hopes that I will provoke new ways of thinking and inspire a revolutionary change.

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