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Cleveland Cyclewerks update

Earlier this week, we told more details of Cleveland Cyclewerks’ plans for US production were coming to light. We reached out to CCW founder Scott Colosimo for some more details: Read on:

CMG: What bikes will be made in the USA? Existing models? New models?
Scott Colosimo: In 2009, I started the company to manufacture bikes in the USA. It took a few years to accomplish this goal, the timing is right, so we made the move.

Existing and new models will be assembled in the USA. We will start manufacturing components in the US this year as well. The ultimate goal is to stamp Made in the USA on our product, this has been a long time coming and it feels great to be starting a new chapter for Cleveland CycleWerks.

CMG: Will we see those in Canada too?
SC: I can not discuss this right now.

CMG: Will prices rise as a result?
SC: We need to retain our value brand status. What exactly does value mean? An extremely reliable, and quality built product as an exceptional price. There will be a slight increase, but the increase in quality is really what we are after. This is not just a manufacturing move, we are revamping our entire front end and back end in North America. Our diehard customers who have been with us from the beginning will be very happy to see the increase in support, and the increase in the number and quality of the dealers we are setting up. If you look at this holistically, the entire network is being elevated, and the overall value of the product will increase because of the entire network we are building to support the customer and product.

CMG: Are you still sourcing the CG125-derived engine from China, or do you have an American source now?
SC: I can’t discuss this level of detail at this time.

CMG: How exactly is Bruce Belfer involved? (Belfer was previously involved in a high-profile bid for Erik Buell Racing – Ed.)
SC: Bruce Belfer is involved in the manufacturing and distribution in the USA and associated markets. We will release more information soon, I am sure when Bruce is ready, he will be making his own press release.

6 thoughts on “Cleveland Cyclewerks update”

  1. I’m guessing they’ll be assembled in the USA. Instead of a bike that come to port like most bikes, mostly assembled. They’ll be assembled from the ground up with all parts from mainland China. A clever PR move from CCW because of the reputation the bikes have. Scott Colosimo is a good spinner of sh#t. He claims he’s the designer of the bikes when they are re-branded Chinese bikes seen from South America to France. Smoke and mirrors. It’s a shame because I’d love to see good inexpensive small bikes everywhere in our cities like the flood of Japanese bikes of the 60’s and 70’s.

  2. Maybe Cleveland Cyclewerks plans to build it’s bkes in the USA, but use undocumented (i.e. illegal) immigrants and pay them 5 bucks an hour. Then they cut some sort of deal like Tesla’s, and get the US Govermnent to spring for a fat rebate. And the new company will be re-named Trump Motoscoot… 🙂 🙂

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