New Sena Cavalry offers half-helmet with integrated audio

If a half-helmet is your thing, and in-helmet audio is also your thing, then the Sena Cavalry might be worth a look.

In-helmet audio systems have been around for full-face lids for years, particularly well-done by helmetmaker Schuberth in conjunction with Cardo, then Sena. But the technology has been pretty slow to come to half-helmets, mostly due to the inherent disadvantages of their design. Riders have been retro-fitting sound systems to their half helmets, but the skimpy protection of the minimal skid lids means there’s very little space to hide a communication system.

The Sena Cavalry has its speakers built right into the helmet shell, hiding them from view.

Whether that will result in usable audio is another question, as wind noise in even the quietest helmets (like Schuberth’s C3 Pro or the HJC RPHA Max) tends to drown out intercom output. This half-helmet will have far more wind noise. Maybe that’s why Sena is also offering “optional ear pads in order to boost audio while you’re out on the open road.”

The helmet will sell for $349 in the US, but we haven’t seen a Canadian price yet. Find more details at Sena’s website.

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