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Video: Hillclimb meets ice studs

I only have two things to say about this video:

First, everyone knows you shouldn’t use a pipe wrench to tighten an axle nut. It’s not like wrenches are that expensive. That’s almost Ichiban Moto-level competence.

Second, it’s a shame that despite our constant posturing about our alleged mastery of winter, Canadians mostly hurry to park their bikes at the first sign of frost (except for maybe those on the west coast). Americans, Brits, Germans — the rest of the world figures out how to ride in the winter. Why doesn’t anybody bother in Canada? After all, this video looks dangerous, it might even look stupid, but the combination of ice studs and a hillclimb race looks like a lot of fun.

6 thoughts on “Video: Hillclimb meets ice studs”

  1. Some Ice bike kits are made here in Canada, someones gotta be using them here.

    Ichiban Moto is extremely competent, so much so that he turns his competence into satire, but even he wouldn’t dare use a pipe wrench on an axle. Maybe a small pair of scissors and a bent wooden handled screwdriver but certainly not a pipe wrench.

  2. “Why doesn’t anybody bother in Canada?”

    There is plenty of ice racing going on across the country. You don’t have to look too hard to find it.

      1. True, but the vast majority of Canadians don’t care about MC related competition of any sort.

        You asked, “the rest of the world figures out how to ride in the winter. Why doesn’t anybody bother in Canada?”. I’m pointing out that plenty do.

        Ice racing is quite popular in Quebec and has a dedicated following in Ontario. In Quebec I believe it even draws spectators. In addition, some significant names in Canadian road racing spent a lot of time racing on the ice.

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