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Stories of Bike is back

Stories of Bike is back with a new video, looking like it might be the start of a new series.

In case you aren’t familiar with Stories of Bike, check ’em out on YouTube. Their videos definitely tend to be a bit on the hipster side of the street, with lots of cafe racers, but what’s wrong with that? We like our bikes with front fenders and proper airboxes, but if that’s not your slice, then so be it. At least they’re on two wheels.

Anyhow, after their initial series of videos, some of which were truly good short films about motorcycling, Stories of Bike seemed to run out of steam for a while. Maybe it was a shortage of funds? In any case, posting became a little more sporadic, but hopefully the creators are able to figure out a formula that works, and keep the creations coming. This new video seems to take a bit of an easier route, so maybe slideshows are the future for this channel.

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