DC Design will give your Royal Enfield a retro sci-fi look

Tired of your Royal Enfield’s 1950s-era look? How would you like to make it look futuristic — or at least, emulate what the 1950s thought the future looked like?

India-based DC Design is building parts that will let you do just that. Through its new subsidiary DC2, DC Design has put together a concept dubbed the Carbon Shot.

And, here’s where it gets a bit silly. The Carbon Shot takes a standard Royal Enfield Bullet 350, which is slow even by Royal Enfield’s standards, and adds aluminum and carbon-fibre parts. If you wanted to go faster, wouldn’t it be easier to start with the 500 cc version?

But no matter — most custom bikes aren’t really built to go fast, despite what builders tell you. The majority of custom machines are intended to look cool, and the Carbon Shot arguably achieves that, depending how you like the Buck Rogers look.

What appears to be a custom fuel tank is actually a carbon-fibre and aluminum cover, and the front and rear fenders are carbon as well. The lights are all LED units, and that trick-looking air filter cover is also an aluminum/carbon-fibre creation.

Want one of your own? DC2 is making a run of 5,000 examples; you must provide your own Bullet 350 to install the kit.


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4 thoughts on “DC Design will give your Royal Enfield a retro sci-fi look”

  1. If they did a better job with the rear fender and front fender it wouldn’t be horrendously ugly.

    It would still be a pile of crap, but not an ugly one.

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