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Video: World’s luckiest bike crash?

The video pretty much explains itself: This motorcyclist might be one of the luckiest riders around.

Of course, as we always say, it might be even luckier to not crash in the first place! But then, wouldn’t that mean that most of us are really lucky, every time we ride and don’t crash? Maybe we’re over-thinking it …

In any case, it’s hard to say exactly what happened; it almost looks as if there might have been a bit of a street race going on. Whatever the case, this rider is now an Internet celebrity — too bad that wont buy him/her a new bike.

10 thoughts on “Video: World’s luckiest bike crash?”

  1. I followed some links to try to learn more about this crash. Apparently, the guy on the motorcycle was chasing after the driver to get a read on his plate, as he was driving dangerously and erratically. According to a reputable news site, the driver of the car ended up being charged with a DUI. However, the motorcyclist was understandably still at fault for rear-ending him. Still – it appears to add a bit more clarity and a bit better explanation for why the event unfolded the way it did.

  2. What a bunch of disgusting incompetents.
    Absolutely pathetic skills (like, absent) heheh…
    It appalls me to think that these people are driving on the same roads I am!

  3. I like how the motorcyclist, who obviously didn’t apply the brakes until far too late and rammed into the car in front of him, seems upset at the driver of the car he rammed… although admittedly, the car driver did seem to drive a fair ways before noticing the person sitting on his trunk…

    1. Or the fact that he’d just been rear-ended by the bike. Everyone involved seems pretty incompetent. It does seem like the car he hit may have brake checked him, without any brake lights coming on.

      1. ” It does seem like the car he hit may have brake checked him, without any brake lights coming on.”

        If you look closely you’ll see the subject car’s brake lights did come on when it braked to slow for the car in front of it. I like how the rider throws a hissy fit when the driver finally stops and he climbs down off the trunk.

        Further, you’ll notice that the rider is just entering the highway from the right at the beginning of the video. So, if this video is unedited (and it looks like it hasn’t been) then I’m not sure how the rider knew the driver was driving erratically. But hey, what do I know – I wasn’t there.

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